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Sovine Life Coaching offers motivation to realize dreams and goals

What's holding you back in life?

Peggy Sovine might have some answers for you.

Sovine, of Teays Valley, is a "life coach," someone who can help people reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives, including career and interpersonal relationships.

Sovine has opened Sovine Life Coaching at 300 Prestige Park, Suite C1A, Teays Valley. A native of Southern Ohio, Sovine is living her own dream as a life coach. 

She lived for 20 years in Dallas, raising two sons and managing high-rise commercial real estate. After moving to West Virginia in 2001 for family reasons, she worked as an assistant to the president and senior team of a coal company.

However, after assessing her life, Sovine decided to make another change.

The move provided "a great opportunity to go back to school and do what I've always wanted to do - help people," Sovine said from her office.

Sovine earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Ohio University and a master's degree in education and mental health counseling from Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky.

As a life coach, Sovine can help her clients overcome issues that block their paths to success at home and at work. Those roadblocks often involve self-confidence and self worth.

"Self-worth and self-confidence are in every aspect of your life, whether it's in your career, going to a job interview, working well with your co-workers, getting promotions or in socialization with friends," Sovine said.

Sovine works one-on-one with individual clients and also with groups and will travel to workplaces to offer her services.

One of her specialties is working on intimacy-related issues with couples.

"If you're a couple and you live together, it's work, and there are going to be hills and valleys. If you have a good sexual relationship, it is the glue that holds those hills and valleys together. Your sexual life as a couple should be something that you both look forward to at any age," she said.

The key to success in this area, she said, is communication, and that's not always easy when it comes to sex and intimacy.

As a life coach, Sovine can help couples, in a nonjudgmental way, ease into discussions that might not otherwise be easy for them.

"I can offer suggestions on how to re-approach and re-ignite that passion and love that they've taken for granted for a while."

Sovine can help clients excel in their careers and advise those just starting out how to improve their performances in the workplace.

She can give them a boost in "how to work well with others, how to interview well, how to sell yourself, how to get promotions and how to communicate with co-workers and your boss."

Sovine said a life coach could help a person regardless of his or her station in life.

Everyone feels that they're lacking in some area, she said.

It could be "something that they want to do in a life, a change they want to make. So basically, what I do for them, I become their personal cheerleader, I help them find out what their actual goal is, I help them set their goals, and then I help them follow through."

Sovine said choices matter in life, and as a life coach, she's there to help clients make the right decisions.

"No matter how old you are, no matter what economic group you're in, you get up and you have the same thing that everybody else has, and that is a choice whether you're going to go out with a positive attitude or go out with a negative attitude. Those who go out with a positive attitude are going to be better people and do more things."

For clients whose needs go beyond life coaching, Sovine can offer referrals to therapy.

"If someone comes and has more than life coaching needs, and I see that they have a true mental health issue, I will be able to recognize that and refer them to a good therapist," Sovine said.

On the flip side of that, Sovine said her services would benefit those coming out of mental health therapy to reach their goals in life.

Sovine said she chose Teays Valley for her new office because it's close to where she lives, but also because it's midway between Charleston and Huntington.

She hopes more people in the area will come to understand the benefits of life coaching.

Everyone has made mistakes in life, "but we have to learn from our past, shut that door, realize our potential for today, make our good choices and become better people and follow our dreams for tomorrow."

For more information about Sovine Life Coaching, call 304-539-5000 or visit


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