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Dalton Gang General Store opens in Hurricane

By Ben Calwell, Metro Reporter
BEN CALWELL | Putnam Review
Charles Reece Dalton has opened the Dalton Gang General Store in Hurricane. He and his wife, Pam, offer a wide range of unique gifts, antiques and Amish food items. Pam Dalton also makes body lotions and bath balms. Products made by local artisans are also offered for sale.
Creating a sense of whimsy, these handmade wooden fish, featuring recycled metal construction adornments, are made by Dalton Gang General Store owner Charles Reece Dalton.
A variety of antiques, including this old cookstove, can be found at the Dalton Gang General Store in Hurricane. The store is full of collectibles, trinkets and handmade craft items.
The Dalton Gang General Store carries a large variety of Amish food items.
Seasonal items, including this metal jack-o’-lantern made by a local artisan, are for sale at the Dalton Gang General Store.
The Dalton Gang General Store is at 306 Hurricane Creek Road, near the Hurricane exit of Interstate 64. It is next to a Tudor’s and Gino’s pizza eatery.

From rustic to whimsical, to collectibles and edibles, you’ll find it at the Dalton Gang General Store in Hurricane.

Charles Reece Dalton and his wife, Pam, opened the Dalton Gang General Store about six months ago at 306 Hurricane Creek Road, which is near the Hurricane exit of Interstate 64. The cabin-like structure sits next to the Gino’s Pizza restaurant.

“It’s a mixture of gift shop, Amish foods, body lotions, antiques and collectibles,” Dalton said, prior to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the store on June 21.

Unique gift items and collectibles at the Dalton Gang General Store include glass butterflies, small trinkets and antique salt and pepper shakers. Some of the items are hand made by Dalton.

Among those hand-made items are the perfect gifts for anglers -- colorful fish wall hangings made from wood and adorned with cast-off metal construction artifacts.

“It’s very unique, and none of them will ever be the same,” Dalton said. “You could buy 10 of them from me, and they’re all different.”

Dalton’s wife also makes products for the store, including wax tarts.

“Those are scented, wax tarts. She also makes our body lotions and bath balms for our store, which are very popular nowadays.”

The Dalton Gang General Store is housed in a cabin-like building that Dalton purchased in Amish country. It was delivered to his business site, and Dalton finished off the inside. It is filled with antiques, gifts and food items. It also has a small front porch, where additional products are displayed.

There is a little bit of everything inside, including products made by local crafters, some of which are being sold on consignment. Dalton also picks up things that he finds interesting and offers them for sale. An example is a pair of wooden shoes, suitable for decorative purposes.

“There are some things you won’t find anywhere else, like these wooden shoes. And I’ve good, old books that you can’t find anywhere,” he said.

Hanging on one wall are antique, metal music box discs. The large, perforated discs were used in late 19th century music boxes.

“Those are from a friend of mine in Tennessee; they lost their music box.”

For a rustic, country vibe, how about a chicken made from burlap?

“Those are locally made,” he said.

There are also decorative items carved from wood using a chainsaw.

“I’ve got chainsaw art, which is locally made -- it’s very unique.”

The Dalton Gang General Store has a large selection of Amish food items, including jams and jellies

“I also carry some of their cheeses and summer sausages,” he said.

Dalton, an American Electric Power retiree, and his wife have done a lot of traveling over the years. When Dalton retired, they decided to try opening a store.

“This is the type of store that were around when we grew up,” he said.

After he bought the Amish-made cabin, it took him about three months to finish the interior to suit his business. The inside has display cases and shelving that give shoppers a pleasant browsing experience.

The Dalton Gang General Store is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is closed on Sunday.

For more information, visit the Dalton Gang General Store Facebook page or call 304-593-2743.


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