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Valley Car Wash provides hand washing and self-serve bays on Teays Valley Road

By Ben Calwell, Metro Reporter
Hurricane businessman Charlie Johnson, left, has opened Valley Car Wash at 3980 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane. With him are Valley Car Wash Manager Matt England, center, and employee Scott Proffitt. Valley Car Wash specializes in hand washing of vehicles, with self-service bays available for those who want to wash their own cars.
Valley Car Wash Manager Matt England in the facility’s pump room. Owner Charlie Johnson completely re-built the former Great Teays Car Wash with new wiring, plumbing and new roof structure.
Valley Car Wash owner Charlie Johnson checks the vacuums in one of the facililty’s two sweeper bays. Customers can also add fragrance to their vehicles in the sweeper bays.

From his building, businessman Charlie Johnson kept noticing the long-dormant car wash facility next door on busy Teays Valley Road in Hurricane.

“I watched it set over here for years and years. It was sitting empty and was an eyesore,” Johnson said, of the former Great Teays Car Wash.

Seeing a business opportunity, Johnson decided to buy the property and re-open it as a car wash. Late last year, he opened it under a new name, Valley Car Wash, at 3980 Teays Valley Road.

Owning a car wash had “always been intriguing to me,” said Johnson, who also owns Kitchens Unlimited.

He bought the facilty last March and did a “total overhaul” of the place.

“Wiring, plumbing, all new roof structure -- it was a total rebuild pretty much,” Johnson said.

Valley Car Wash offers hand washes, deep clean, wet wax, dry and tire shine. Prices start at $12 for cars, $13 for mini-vans, small SUVs and small trucks; $14 for half-ton trucks and mid-size SUVs and $15 for large trucks, cargo vans, conversion vans, full-size SUVs and lifted trucks.

A vacuum service is $2 with a hand wash. “It’s a 100 percent hand wash and a wet wax when you go through the rinser.”

“It’s a wash, wax, dry and tire shine,” said Valley Car Wash manager Matt England.

For customers who prefer to wash their own vehicles, Valley Car Wash has five self-service car wash bays and two sweeper bays, with a “Turbo Vac.”

“Most people come through for the hand wash,” Johnson said.

Johnson has a crew of five employees, who are trained in the art of washing cars. And there’s more to washing vehicles than meets the eye. An experienced crew knows how stay out of each other’s way when washing a vehicle.

Everything is carefully choreographed for efficiency.

“The employees we have here are trained in the art of hand washing,” said England, who trained under the late Mousie Smithson, who had a chain of local car washes dating back to the 1970s.

“He was a great guy; I learned a lot from him,” England said.

Johnson said his crew works as a team on every vehicle that comes in for a hand wash.

“You can stumble over each other” if you don’t know what you’re doing, he said.

“You’ve got to get in sync with everybody -- you don’t want to have a bunch of missed spots,” England said.

“It’s attention to detail -- getting everything off that vehicle,” Johnson said.

Detailing is available, too, starting at $35.

“Mini-details is our specialty.”

Valley Car Wash is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 304-812-1618, or visit Valley Car Wash’s Facebook page.


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