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Dots senior brings multitasking prowess to diamond


By Nick Brockman

Putnam Review

File photo Poca’s Bubba Hill prepares to make the throw from the outfield. Hill’s versatility has made him a valuable asset for the Dots this season.

Poca senior Bubba Hill plays a lot of positions, and his versatility makes him a great asset to the Dots baseball team.

Hill, a four-year starter, plays outfield, infield and pitches, too, and his position changes game to game, but he routinely makes an impact no matter his daily role.

“He plays some outfield, plays some shortstop, and he’s also one of our better pitchers,” Dots coach Seth Ramsey said of Hill. “A lot of kids, especially nowadays, they get this idea that they’re a shortstop or they’re a first baseman or catcher or pitcher – he has the mentality he’s a baseball player.

“That’s the mindset he takes. He’s played a lot of ball. He’s been around a while. He knows how to play each position and play it well.”

Wherever Hill plays defensively, he feels comfortable in his position, Hill said.

“I’ve been like that my whole life, I’ve been able to play anywhere,” Hill said. “I’ve played left field, I’m in on the mound a few times this year. I feel pretty comfortable anywhere. I trust myself. I feel like my natural position, honestly, is center field, but this year I’ve been playing a lot of shortstop.”

In addition to shortstop, Hill regularly pitches, too.

“I like being on the mound, honestly,” Hill said. “I feel like, when I have the ball in my hands, we have a better chance at winning, to be honest.”

On the mound, Hill maintains command of his pitches and attacks hitters, Ramsey said.

“He’s more of a location guy, moving the ball in and out,” Ramsey said. “He gets decent movement on his fastball. He’s the kind of guy he has to keep the ball down. He has to work his off-speed in and when his fastball’s got a lot of movement on it, he gives a lot of guys problems. He can run it in on their hands and give them a lot of trouble with it.”

Offensively, Hill represents Poca’s lead-off hitter.

“He starts things for us,” Ramsey said. “He hits at the top of the order and sets the table for us. We’re a lot better ball club when he’s on base. That’s for sure.”

At the top of the lineup, Hill utilizes a multitude of talents, including power, small ball and speed.

“He’s the closest thing we have to a complete offensive player,” Ramsey said. “He can hurt you in a lot of ways. He can hurt you with a ball in the gap, he can hurt you laying down a bunt, he can steal a base for you. ”

With his various skills both offensively and defensively, Hill figures a prominent role in Poca’s plan this season no matter his position.

“If you’re a baseball player, you can strap it on, play any position and get after it and play well,” Ramsey said.


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