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Lakeside Elementary principal receives state PTA award

By Ali Schmitz, Staff Writer
Lisa Lewis

When Lisa Lewis, the principal of Lakeside Elementary School, walked into a school assembly earlier this month, she thought she was watching of a new Parent Teacher Association fundraiser to the school.

She stood on the side of the gym’s wall, watching the school’s PTA treasurer, Danyail Maynard, speak in front of the school.

Then Maynard pulled up a bag, unwrapping a glass trophy. The school’s student leadership team marched up, carrying multiple bouquets.

Before Lewis received the Outstanding Principal of the Year award from the West Virginia PTA, she wasn’t familiar with the accolade.

She now says she’s thrilled with the honor.

The school’s PTA works to create events and projects, such as book fairs, family nights and summer reading programs.

“It’s very rewarding to know they appreciate you,” Lewis said.

Lewis was one of dozens of principals statewide nominated for the award, Maynard said.

“I think that really says a lot about the person.”

Maynard said the choice to nominate Lewis was clear. Maynard, who currently has four children attending the school, said she’s watched Lewis go “above and beyond” while working with students. She said Lewis makes an effort to learn all of her students’ names, go into classrooms and create positive relationships.

“She does it even though she’s always running back and forth to make sure everything gets completed,” Maynard said. “She’s a perfect role model.”

But Lewis said the PTA was to thank for many successes at the school.

She said, without them, the students wouldn’t have a yearbook or go to large, schoolwide events.

One of the PTA’s greatest successes is assisting with funding for the school’s archery team, Lewis said. The team, which is open to all fourth- and fifth-graders at the school, won a state championship last month.

“It’s a big deal for many of the kids to participate in these programs,” Lewis said.

Lewis wasn’t the only person afilliated with Lakeside who won an award. Maynard’s son, fifth-grader Nicholas Maynard, received a student award from the PTA. Both Lewis and Maynard called Nicholas humble, but said he always steps into help.

Lewis said it’s because he’s witnessed how much his mother steps in to help. Maynard quietly agreed.

“I try to teach my children that I’m not only there for my child, I’m there for everyone’s children,” Maynard said.

Lewis said without the PTA, teachers and students partnering together, Lakeside may not be as successful. Many teachers have joined the PTA to grow closer to parent volunteers, as well, Lewis said.

Both encouraged parents at any school to get involved with volunteering, whether its through morning classes or evening events.

“It really takes a village to raise a child,” Lewis said.


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