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Hurricane Clean-Up Day tabbed for April 19

By Clint Thomas, Metro Reporter
Lila Menear and Ashley Williams from the Home Depot team paint the gazebo on Main Street during the 2016 Hurricane Clean-Up Day in Hurricane. The 2017 event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19. File photo

A clean sweep is on the calendar -- specifically, Wednesday, April 19 -- for Main Street in downtown Hurricane.

The City of Hurricane’s annual Clean-Up Day for Main Street is scheduled for 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the 19th. Individuals, couples and youth, church and civic groups are invited to pitch in to spruce up the area.

Clean-up chores will include tidying tasks such as picking up trash and other debris, basic landscaping, weeding flower beds, small repair work, sweeping and painting.

City of Hurricane Marketing and Development Manager Vanessa Ervin is serving as the project coordinator for the second-year spring cleaning-type civic event.

“Last year, we had a really good turnout,” Ervin said. “We had more people show up than we anticipated, particularly adults, and we got done quicker. Last year, we painted the gazebo and painted some flower beds at the parking lot. This year, we’re going to tackle a lot more flowers and plants; I think that space down there could use more greenery. We’ll probably take on more of Main Street this year.”

Ervin said many local groups, such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and businesses contribute manpower, womanpower and childpower during the day and at other times throughout the year to maintain the beautification of Main Street.

“We get a lot of groups who do individual projects, in the evenings and on weekends,” she said. “Businesses also help. I’ve centered Clean-Up Day around that, for banks and retail stores and a lot of people like that around the area to help.”

Students -- and others -- can earn community service hours for their participation, as well, she said.

Community input for clean-ups is also being solicited prior to April 19. “If anybody has suggestions,” Ervin said, “we’re always willing to take them into consideration. I’ve had a couple of people reach out and say they’d like to do something with their own groups, for folks who may want to do something of their own on Saturday. People have said they’d be interested in being a project coordinator for clean-ups at other parts of the community. I can match leaders up with volunteers, if they want to contact me.”

Participants should bring supplies such as brooms, gloves, rakes, trash bags, paintbrushes and gardening tools to the clean-up.

“If anybody has extra brooms or landscaping tools, they’re always welcome to bring them. We try to have enough, but I like to have extras, just in case,” Ervin said.

Sign-ups and group registrations are being accepted at

If you want additional information about Clean-Up Day, e-mail at the address above or contact Hurricane City Hall at 304-562-5896.


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