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Poca Middle School rolls out the red carpet for Leadership Day open house

By Ben Calwell, Metro Reporter
BEN CALWELL | Putnam Review
Poca Middle School students Ryleigh Day and Jamin Cox greet visitors to the school’s Leadership Day open house on Friday, March 24. Visitors watched a film about the school and toured classrooms devoted to student projects.
Guests enjoy hors d’oeuvres in the Poca Middle School Library prior to the school’s Leadership Day open house. The event culminated a yearlong theme, “Poca Middle School: This Is Our Story.”
Abigail Matherly and Danielle Mannina serve hors d’oevres to Deputy M. Kevin Woodford of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department. Woodford was on hand for the school’s Leadership Day open house on March 24.
A Poca Middle School classroom was devoted to art and photography during Leadership Day. Other classrooms showcased such student projects as Community Service and Sports.
Leadership Day guests at Poca Middle School grab bags of popcorn as they enter the gym to see a movie about the school. After the movie, groups toured classrooms to see projects and listen to students talk about the leadership roles they’ve assumed during the school year.

It was big day at Poca Middle School on Friday, March 24.

As VIP guests arrived for the school’s Leadership Day open house, they were given “movie tickets,” ushered into the library for food and refreshments and then treated to a film about the school in the gymnasium.

Once seated in the gym, the guests listened to the PMS band play “The Star-Spangled Banner” and heard student speakers before viewing the premiere of the film. After the film, the audience broke into groups to tour classrooms that featured student projects.

Principal Linda Rumbaugh said Leadership Day is a chance for the students to talk about the projects and activities they’ve worked on all year related to leadership and that led up to the March 24 Leadership Day.

“Leadership Day is a chance for the students to basically talk about all the leadership roles and all of the activities that they have done throughout the year related to this day,” Rumbaugh said.

The theme for Leadership Day was “Poca Middle School: This Is Our Story.”

“This is our very first premiere Leadership Day. Our open house in August started out with a movie Oscar theme, and we kind of carried that throughout the year,” she said.

The students chose 12 themes that they wanted to highlight about Poca Middle School, including their community service, sports teams and various classroom projects.

“They have things set up to talk to people about.”

The open house guests visited classrooms, where they found a number of student projects ranging from photography to Trout in the Classroom.

One classroom was devoted to “Rube Goldberg Machines.” Eighth-grade students worked together using mathematical logic and rudimentary simple machines to develop Rube Goldberg projects in their math class.

Another classroom was devoted to “Community Service.” Poca Middle students have been busy helping with flood relief projects, donating to students with medical emergencies and lending helping hands to the community.

With the Trout in the Classroom project, which is a program of the state Division of Natural Resources, students have raised trout from eggs. They checked the water daily and fed, cleaned and cared for them as they grew. The students will eventually travel to a stream and release the trout into the water.

This year, Poca Middle students also produced their first play, titled “Alice: A Play in One Act.” The students designed sets and props and acted in the play.


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